Reason to redesign your existing website

5 Reasons Why Your Website needs a Redesign

Anything that serves as the identity of your business demands special attention on your part. With the right commitment level and the required investment, a website can boost your business significantly. Redesigning your website may not be as simple as it seems, but its benefits are worth the efforts.

There can be several reasons you would like your website to be redesigned, and some of those may be more compelling than the rest. However, it is often ignored and not considered a priority. Did you know that even minor and incremental improvements in your website design can significantly boost your customer acquisition efforts, sales, and revenue? It overall brings a significant improvement in your marketing efforts and strengthens your brand too.

Therefore, when it comes to the website redesign, consider it your main storefront. Here are the top 5 reasons why should you get a website redesign.


1. It’s your brand identity

Your website’s look and feel should ideally reflect the core principles of your business and your brand. It needs to be communicative, engaging, professional and should bring credibility to your brand. Your website should portray a strong brand image that accurately represents your company and imbibes the essence of your brand.

As a vehicle of your brand, your website carries forward your business by strengthening it in the existing markets and establishing yourself in the newer ones. It makes you stand out larger against your competitors, giving you a competitive edge.


2. Not in sync with the design trends

If you find your website to be outdated or your customers indicate so, then its time you took notice of this. Design trends change frequently, and a website that is two to three years old can lack the lustre. For instance, today’s design has a simplistic and flat design theme with straightforward patterns that are compatible with varied screen sizes, i.e. from HD televisions, desktops to tablets, and mobile phones.


3. Enhanced usability

Your website needs to have all the elements that can contribute to making it presentable and welcoming. The redesign should improve the user journey as well as the site structure. All the core USPs of your brand need to be weaved in a story form and presented in the form of your website’s design.

All the pain points and challenges should also be addressed. Allow the users to browse through add-ons like webinars, product introduction, best practices, DIY guides, and more. Make it simpler for the prospects and the customers to contact and receive responses with the quickest turnaround time.


4. Improved SEO

In all its possibilities, the old website designs have detailed menus, image-based webpages with fewer inbound links. Overall the website structure is tedious not only for the users but also for the search engines.

Redesigning beings with analysing the best performing, high-value pages and using those as the cornerstone of the new website structure. Redesigning will also include SEO audit to check ranking and the site performance over the SEO parameters.


5. Volume and quality of leads

From the marketing funnel’s point of view, inbound leads are vital, not to mention those should be high-quality ones. It can be achieved through website design improvement and strategy. The website redesign aims to provide meaningful content in various forms like case studies, tutorials, and lead generation forms to the webinars. Once the buyer persona is well understood and mapped, the site is redesigned to give optimum results in drawing more visitors, generating more leads and eventually higher conversion rates.

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