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Top 4 Websites to Learn Coding for Free or at Minimal Cost

Are you keen on knowing about the different coding languages used worldwide? Do you want to expand your knowledge base of computer coding? Coding can be significantly beneficial if you are an aspiring entrepreneur in Australia. Coding can be real fun and exciting when learned from the right teachers. Still, sometimes you don’t get the feasibility of learning things from a teacher physically. Why worry? All hail to the power of the Internet for providing with the facility of accessing the whole world in a single click. Yes. It is that easy.

Now when you have decided that you want to learn new coding languages and enhance your knowledge, you can opt for the following sites to get video lessons of your preferred language. The plans for these sites are pretty budget-friendly, and some of them are even free!


1. Udemy

This is one of the most admired skill-enhancing platforms out of all because of the right reasons. This is a great platform not just for coding but also for learning other skills that can be incredibly beneficial for you.

There are various paid and free courses that you can learn from Udemy like HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Django, Python, and many more. You name it, and they have it!

When you search for a course, you can compare the reviews and the quality of the course and choose the right one that matches your learning style.


2. Codeacademy

Just in case if you want another option, then opt for Codecademy since the primary benefit here is that majority of their courses are free. Thus it is an excellent option for people who are in a tight budget.

They have a wide range of coding languages to choose from, like HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL,etc., and many more. These are the basic ones mentioned. There is undoubtedly more to it.


3. MIT Open Courseware

Now when you have the basics right, you need to level up your coding game.  Here comes the MIT Open Courseware into play. The courses here help to understand the theory behind the coding and allows you to understand the complicated stuff in a much simpler way.

This is undoubtedly the best since you don’t even need to sign up to access the materials and videos of undergraduate and postgraduate classes. It is entirely free!


4. Github

Now when you have finished all of your learning, you need a genuine to implement your skills. You can use GitHub FOR THAT. This platform helps you to upload your code and let other users comment on it. It’s like a community of coders that help each other to excel. You can also review the codes of other members and comment on them. This will help you in improving your skills at a significant level.

In case if you are stuck with code and need assistance, worry not. Github has a collaboration of more than 31 million developers that can review your code and host it or manage it if required. You can also build a real-time software together! Sounds intriguing, right?


Wrap Up

Education is a necessity, and with the right intention, you can ace up your skills in a matter of time. You just need the drive and passion for your subject. Rest everything is available on the Internet at minimal prices. Coding is a necessity that every entrepreneur should learn since this can help them significantly in their e-commerce websites. Therefore, get set and start learning!

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