Top-notch CRM Solutions for your business

Top-notch CRM Solutions for your business

Most of the expenses of a business owner are solely based on the advertising and promoting of their products to their customers since they are nothing without their customers.

Are you able to communicate in the right way with your customers? Things can get challenging in creating the right customer-centric changes, and competitors might outperform you in this scenario.

Here comes the Customer Relationship Management(CRM) into play. This can be a saviour in terms of customer interaction. Check out the below mentioned CRM solutions that will immensely help you to achieve a new feat in your business.



This is one of the most popular CRM eCommerce software that facilitates a single database for all your customers which is easily accessible. It also provides customized templates instead of repetitive emails. Also, it shows the statistics regarding which one works best for your business. This is a boon for your business since this will give you an insight regarding the strategy or changes you need to implement.

Guess the best part? It is completely free for individual sales representatives!



This is the best choice for small businesses and startups. This will provide all the customer data and information in a single database and also allows you to group the data, which helps to keep everything arranged properly. You can launch emails and ad campaigns to these targeted groups for better traffic on your website.

Almost every app mentioned here has an additional bonus point. Act! can be accessed without having an internet connection. Sounds fascinating right? It has the facility of automated sync which will sync the recent changes when you come online and update it whenever required.



The innovative SalesforceIQ is a unique CRM specially meant for startups and medium-sized businesses. You can always upgrade to better features when your company reaches that level. The upgraded version, which is the Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM is based on Einstein’s artificial intelligence. Sounds intriguing, right? This AI automation will analyze the database in your CRM. It will provide predictions regarding the changes required with sales representatives.

It is one of the largest CRM providers, with a market share of approximately 20%, which is pretty huge!



This software also has specified software for small business owners which is an excellent deal since startups need to understand their customers at the primary level, which is quite essential. It provides customized reports and dashboards that provide predictive analysis regarding all the data and information appropriately arranged. It has 10% share approximately and is pretty compelling.

Bonus point here? The feature of scanning of business cards! Right. You can scan the business cards of your customers, and the CRM will add that to your database instantly!



 These are a few software you can use to ease up the process of CRM to a large extent. Also, this will save up a lot of time which can be invested in focussing on the core business activities. Thus, this can be significantly beneficial for your business.

What CRM strategy do you use for your business? Comment down and let other users know about them too.

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