Does Website speed really matter for conversion rate?

Whenever a user visits a website, they stay there for a while to garner the information they are looking for. The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who take action on the website as desired by the business. The conversion rates are an essential parameter to evaluate site revenue generation. And here, page speed plays a critical role in customer’s behaviour.

Supposedly you are looking for a service such as a kitchen modulation and searching the internet for that. You came across a great website on which to find the designs you want; however, when you try to open and look through the site, it takes ages to load. Anything more than 5-8 seconds on a website is irritating and appears clumsy to users. In today’s time, when everything is robust and fast-paced, the site performance and agility play a pivotal role.


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Conversion Rate Definition.

In technical terms, a user conversion is when they take action on the webpage as intended by the makers. Thus, on Website selling services like online Language coaching, the user converts successfully when an inquiry is made for a course. Actual registration and payment for the course are also necessary. However, that may be a call for action in the final steps. SO, user conversion is not just Buying and Payments but also any “call of action” like survey, clicking a button, or making an inquiry.

The conversion rate is the percentage of users visiting a page, and how many of them convert. So, if 100 people visit the website and 5 select the More Details button on the counselling page, the conversion rate is 5 per cent. CRO helps in increasing the conversion percentage by implementing inline practices intending to increase the percentage to 100.

How Conversion Rate Differs from Page Traffic?

Conversion rate and total traffic are two different parameters to website performance. In case the conversion rates go down for a website, then the users converting for a site go down, even though traffic may remain stationary. On the other hand, the site’s traffic may be the same, but in case the conversion rate gets higher, the conversion number rises.

Studies have time and again proved that faster the page speed higher the conversion rates. So in case, the site is slow customers do not stay longer and revisit.

Page Load Times and the conversion rates

The page speed highly impacts conversion rates. As per the studies on an average close to 50 per cent of users prefer that a page should load in less than 2 seconds. Skill.co noted that Pages taking more than 5.7 seconds to load, had a conversion rate of merely .6 per cent.

  • Sixty-four per cent of mobile users say that the pages should load in less than 4 seconds.
  • A 1-second delay in the page speed can lead to a 7 per cent reduction in successful conversion
  • A 1-second delay in page load may impact 11 per cent loss in page views

Even small conversions can have a significant impact on the revenue generated by the site. Thus, it is essential to improve the website’s load time, as even an increase in one second can make a massive change in the site’s revenue.

Reasons Impact Site Conversion Rate?

The conversion rate is mostly impacted by the website design, page design, page layout, text, and context-driven content. The page visitor should be informed about the action that they need to take on the page. There should be options mentioned on the page, and the user should not be confused with multiple choices. A robustly and cleanly designs site with diligent site speed optimisation.

SEO, Site Speed, and Conversion Rate

SEO and Conversion rate go hand in hand with the site speed and performance. A clumsy site that takes long to load would not be able to generate desired results even if there is incoming traffic. Thus, Page site speed should be optimised so that the user experience is fantastic, and they want to spend time and avail services offered. A right SEO Agency can help you not only optimise your site for good page traffic but also give a better conversion rate.

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