Social Media for NDIS Lead Generation

How to Use Social Media to Generate Leads for the NDIS?

As society becomes more digitally interconnected, the importance of social media marketing for brands and businesses continues to grow. This growth extends to entities involved in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), a scheme that supports Australians with disabilities.

This only means that the demand for NDIS services will continue to grow. That’s why NDIS providers must find effective ways to reach their audience and build meaningful relationships. And one of the most effective ways to generate leads for NDIS is through social media marketing.

How Social Media is Shaping the NDIS Landscape?

By sharing information about their services on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok, NDIS providers can connect with potential clients and generate leads.

Here are some specific examples of how social media is being used in the NDIS:

  • NDIS Providers has a solid social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, where they share information about the NDIS, answer questions from the public, and promote their services.
  • The NDIS also supports several social media channels run by people with disabilities and their families to foster connection and advocate for change.
  • Different independent social media groups and forums are also dedicated to the NDIS. These groups provide a safe space for people to discuss, share information and resources, and offer support to each other.

This summarises how social media platforms are becoming increasingly significant in the NDIS landscape.

What are the Best Social Media Platforms for NDIS?

Some of the most popular social media platforms for NDIS include:

1. Facebook

Facebook is one of the best platforms for connecting with a wide audience of people with disabilities and their families.

You can create a dedicated business page, post regular updates, share helpful content, run targeted ads campaign, and even create groups to foster a sense of community among your audience.

2. Instagram

Instagram is one of the best platforms for sharing visual content, such as photos and videos.

While it might not seem like an immediate choice for NDIS lead generation, Instagram can be highly effective for sharing success stories, behind-the-scenes peeks at your organisation, and information about your services in an engaging, easily digestible format.

3. LinkedIn

If part of your NDIS lead generation strategy involves connecting with other professionals in the sector, such as doctors, social workers, or disability advocates, LinkedIn could be a powerful tool in your social media arsenal.

4. Twitter

Twitter is the perfect platform for sharing quick updates and engaging in conversations with people interested in the NDIS.

It’s also an excellent platform for engaging directly with your audience, fielding questions, and contributing to more extensive conversations around disability support and services.

You can also use Twitter to connect with other NDIS providers and stakeholders.

5. YouTube

You can use YouTube to create educational videos about the NDIS or to share testimonials from clients and families.

Best Social Media Platforms for NDIS


What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing the Right Social Media Marketing Platform for NDIS

The right social media platform for your NDIS services will largely depend on where your target audience spends their time online, the content you plan to share, and your available resources.

Let’s take a deeper look:

1. Content-Type

Choose your platforms wisely and think about the kind of content that will best convey your message to prospective NDIS leads:

  • Facebook is adaptable, and you can post a mix of visual and text-format posts.
  • Instagram is great for visual content.
  • LinkedIn is perfect for professional content and networking.
  • Twitter is ideal for news updates and short snippets of information.

2. Demographics

Based on the demographics of your target NDIS audience, knowing the demographic composition of each network will assist you in choosing which social media site to concentrate your efforts on.

For instance, Instagram is popular among younger audiences, while Facebook has broad appeal across different age groups.

3. Engagement Patterns

Choose platforms where your target audience is present and actively engaged. User engagement patterns differ from platform to platform. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram encourage frequent daily engagement and posting

4. Advertising Options

If you plan to run ads through social media platforms, research each platform’s advertising capabilities, including targeting options, ad formats, and average cost-per-click (CPC), to see which ones align best with your lead generation goals and budget.

5. Resources & Skills

Finally, managing a social media platform takes time, skills, and resources. If you’re limited in these areas, it may be better to focus on one or two platforms and do them well rather than spreading your efforts too thin across multiple platforms.


Factors to consider while choosing social media platform

What Content Should You Post to Generate Leads for NDIS?

To generate leads for NDIS on social media, post content that attracts and engages your target audience. Your content should build awareness, establish trust, and encourage potential leads to work with you.

Here are several types of content that can help accomplish this:

1. Educational Content

One of the most effective ways to attract potential leads is through educational content. This type of content positions you as a knowledgeable and trustworthy resource, making potential leads more likely to choose your services when they need them.

You can provide valuable information related to NDIS services, like text posts, videos, infographics, and webinars.

For example, you could create a series of posts explaining how NDIS works, how to apply, or how to make the most of the services available.

2. Stories

Stories can show the real-life impact NDIS has on people’s lives which can help to build support for the scheme and encourage others to join in the cause. This can help NDIS build relationships with potential and current participants, including their families and carers.

Remember that stories can be told in different formats, including text, video, and audio, which makes them more accessible to people with different communication needs.

3. Regular Updates

Sharing regular updates within the NDIS industry and your services highlights your dedication. These posts can include regular updates on the NDIS policies to keep your audience informed and engaged.

4. Interactive Content

Interactive content can engage potential leads and encourage them to interact with you. This could include quizzes (such as a quiz to help them understand what NDIS services they might qualify for), polls, or live Q&A sessions.

These types of content are engaging and provide opportunities to collect contact information for lead generation.

5. Calls to Action

It’s also important to add a clear call to action (CTA) in your social media posts. Whether you’re asking them to sign up for a webinar, download a resource, or contact you for a consultation, a CTA guides potential leads towards the next step in the conversion process.

Remember that consistently providing value to your audience is the key to generating leads on social media. Providing valuable and engaging content will help you build relationships with leads and prospects, increasing the likelihood that they’ll choose your services when they are ready.


Final Thoughts

While generating leads for NDIS through social media marketing can be challenging, the benefits are well worth the effort. It can help raise awareness, advocate for change, and support those who need it.

And if you’re looking for support to elevate your NDIS social media marketing, contact 21webs today and let us help you. We specialise in crafting customised social media marketing strategies that resonate with your audience to help you generate qualified leads.

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