Limit the Bounce Back Rate on your Website

Do you want to make sure that the people do not leave your website within seconds of reaching it? Are the bounce rates of your website very high?

Well that may be due to the look and responsiveness of your website. In case you want that your website should attract more visitors and they do not leave your site immediately after reaching it. You must indulge in the best practices listed below. The websites are successful when they are interactive, robust and not clumsy. You may take help of professional SEO company that specialises in Web Site Development and Design also.

Keep a check on the website Load times

You should keep a check on the time your website and each page are taking to load. On every action the response should be not more than 3-5 seconds. Because if it takes longer then the users find it irritating and most often, they leave pages which take long to load or are unresponsive.

In mobile devices people want fast results and accuracy as they use it when they want information fast. You cannot take ever to load simple information. Thus, your websites should be customised for mobile platform for agility.

Site should be text searchable

Yes, it is important because no matter how much user-friendly navigation you have on your site, you always need to have a search facility right at the top of the website. This helps users to find the exact information and search for anything they want on the page. It makes a long-lasting impact.

State of the art navigation

Complex menus, curdled buttons and complicated views just confuse the readers. Your site can be creative, but it should not disorient the users from the information and things they are looking for. The call of action should be clear on the website and the transition from one page to another should be crisp.

Web Design

Great Design gives great results

Yes, the website design should be catchy and creative. The design impacts the readers interest and the time they stay on the website. Often people use too many flashy images and tinker texts which makes websites look unprofessional. The giddy colour schemes and high contrasts create conflicts in visibility of the website. The text colour and font should be well matching with the background and site design. You must always depend on professional digital marketing and SEO Agency in Darwin to get your site designed by skilled designer.

Content should be cool

The content on your website should be awesome as it helps in attracting the audience and convert them into the customer. The content on your website should be informative and relevant.

By keeping the above things in consideration, you would be able to see drastic transition in the Stay Times of the visitors on your website. The users like websites which are crisp and user friendly and they take actions as intended.

The right web designing company can help you attain the best results in the lost cost-effective manner

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