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5 Signs – It’s Time to Give your Website the Brand New Design

Website is the doorway to the expansion of your business/service. You need to keep it updated so that you can attract more and more visitors. Your website should display everything that you want people to know about your company/business. Website redesigning should be given in the hands of experts who can showcase their skill by redesigning it in an excellent way. It is important to cater for the old audience along with maintaining the visit of a new audience; all these things should be kept in mind while redesigning a website. How would you know whether you need to redesign your website or not? Here we have enlisted 5 signs that you must notice to realise the need for website redesign

1. Your Website Is Old-fashioned

Are you bored of those common fonts, layouts, scrolling ads and hit counters? Then you surely need to update your website.

There is a new evolution in the internet day by day. Nowadays, websites can be seen using a lot of white space, authentic illustrations, and hamburger menus, responsive design, floating navigation, eye-catching and bright colours and various fonts. If you are running out of trend then it is the right time to get in touch with us and give your website a fresh and updated look.


2. The only way to receive enough leads and enhancement in ROI

Are you observing a high bounce rate or low e-mail signups on your internet website? Do you know why the visitors are not interested to browse the whole website or read the content? Website users usually exit from a site instantly without visiting other pages just because they don’t find what they are searching for instantly or do not like the look of it!

So, what are you waiting for? It is high time to redesign your website and make it more attractive and easy to navigate for users. The website should focus on your agency or service and the layout should look harmonious and consistent. If you want to gain positive ROI then you have to make sure that your audience marks a good attendance in browsing your website and not just viewing and leaving it.

Do you think that your task will be finished after the redesign is over?  If yes, then you are wrong. Technology is evolving day by day and hence you need to keep your website according to customer choices, browser technology, and accessibility requirements. Different demographics, locals and cultures all have different choices for visuals, text tone, interfaces, interactions, search keywords and hence you must never compromise with the needs of your audience.


Ready to Build a Brand New Website

3. Your website should clearly reflect your business goals

You should always keep your website updated whether your business is big or small or if you have the latest changes in the services you provide to the customers.

Your clients should be aware of new changes which you have inculcated and what was the need of doing the same. You can give a quick update on social media in several ways about the same conveying the needs and advantages of redesigning.

Your website should act as a mirror of your business motives and policies.

Always keep in mind that after any website redesign, you may notice a small drop in the number of visitors browsing your website but you must not get disheartened because you can easily get through it by enhancing engagement with an excellent website design.


4. Keep your website updated with innovative design & new technology

Is the version of your website’s programming language outdated? Technology is changing radically every day. Techniques to develop websites are advancing day by day to comply with the latest and high standards. If you’re feeling your website is old-fashioned, it could be time for an update

Here are the three most crucial tech advances in the past few years:

  • Chatbots: It is an outstanding idea to integrate artificial intelligence software into your site. You must make it an easy task for your visitors to reach out to you by providing an interfacing agent that can provide them with constant support by having a one-on-one conversation and answering any queries they may have about your product or service, 24/7.
  • Updates on social media: Social media is the best platform for branding and marketing your business/ services. It should be handy for any visitor to easily follow you on any social media account ( Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) and hence you must be attentive to update your social media accounts address on your website. It shows that you are going with the trend and not failing to match with today’s generation perspective. Also, you must not forget to update and keep your social media marketing campaign active so that more and more people can get in touch with you.
  • Having a workable user interface: Nowadays, people feel more comfortable using tablets, mobile phones, electronic pads instead of computers or laptops. You need to make sure that your website should be user-friendly and device-friendly too.


5. Branding and re-launching should be the nucleus of your website to compete with your opponent

Visual elements like firm name, logo, tagline, colours, business card design, stationery, should be able to clearly pass on the message of your brand. Your internet website should be clear enough to reflect your aims, mission and vision.

If your internet site isn’t able to tell your site visitors what your enterprise does and what makes you distinct from your competitors, then it’s a clear indication that you need to re-launch and brand your website so that it can attract more visitors.

The industry, niche, and audience can affect a website’s design. Undoubtedly, it is common to find some similarities between company websites of competing brands in the market. Since the target audience is generally the same, learning from your contender is valuable. Of course, that doesn’t mean you directly copy them. But learning from their approach can give a boost to your performance.

Do you have an old or boring website? Get in touch with 21 Webs to know more and give us a chance to redesign your website in the most alluring and modern way to help your business reach its pinnacle.

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